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Never without My Swimsuit-to-Go!

What could be better than a super light, compact, comfortable and quick-drying swimsuit, you say? Well, not only does the Swimsuit-to-Go have all these features, it also folds into its back pocket and is made from recycled bottles! 

Discover the ideal swimsuit for your daily activities and your vacation!


For the whole family

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I love my new swimsuit. I bought the same one for my kid and he loves it! And it dries really fast. Thanks for the fast delivery, Shack! :)  "

- Gabriel


Available in 5 patterns and colours: grey, orange, yellow, turtle and shark.

Although the Swimsuit-to-Go was originally designed for men and children, it is quite comfortable for women! In fact, one of our ambassadors tried it on and told us that she didn't feel any discomfort at all and that she loves it so much that she is now waiting for hers to dry so that she can wear it again just as quickly!

The Swimsuit-to-Go is also available in different sets and duos:


For all activities

The Swimsuit-to-Go is ideal to bring along on all your activities—its compact size makes it easy to carry. Take it fishing, cycling, golfing, hiking, swimming and more!


You won't be able to do without this practical swimsuit! Click here to see the entire Swimsuit-to-Go collection including sets and duos.


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