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Our towel poncho

Our towel poncho is one of our bestselling products. Like all Shack clothing, it is designed for comfort and adventure.

You can walk and run freely thanks to our towel poncho’s loose fit and sturdy side openings. No wonder our customers love it! It is made of 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon and the hood lining is 100% cotton.

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"Very pleased with our purchase of two ponchos. Super practical when boating or cycling, we can change in the parking lot or on the boat. Great for boat rides when it's a bit chilly. Try it and you'll love it!”
- Sandra

A portable changing room

With its side openings, our towel poncho allows you to easily change out of sight without having to wriggle in the car, under a towel or in a changing room. Change discreetly and dry yourself with only one item!

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"Super handy for after surfing, the towel gets dry superfast and the colour of the towel ponchos makes them so original!"
- Jessica

Features of our towel poncho:

  • Dries 4X faster and absorbs 7X more than terry cloth
  • Sturdy side openings allow you to change discreetly
  • Light and soft
  • Machine washable
  • Unisex and available in several sizes
  • Internal zippered pocket keeps your smart phone safe
  • Available in many colours and prints

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"This poncho is amazing! After paddling, it's just perfect. I can wear it while being warm and unencumbered. I love it so much! Thank you, Shack, for your products!"

With so many models to choose from, you’re sure to find one you love! Discover all our towel poncho modelshere and get ready to turn heads this summer!


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